seared salmon served with choice of caper-dill vinaigrette, coriander-mint chutney, or ginger-soy drizzle

Lamb Steaks
marinated in garlic and thyme

one pot dish with meats, beans, and vegetables

Shepherd's Pie

minced meat, carrots and peas, gravy, and mashed potatos

Summer Salad

watermelon, red onion, bird's eye chili, feta, fresh mint, and raspberry vinaigrette

Baked Cauliflower
in Béchamel sauce with an Indo-Asian twist

Huevos Rancheros

poached eggs in mildly spiced tomato salsa

Mashed Potatos

traditional or flavored with truffle or roasted garlic


layers of Greek spiced flavoured meat, eggplant, Béchamel,  and mashed potatos


baked open faced omelette Italian or Spanish style

Mediterranean Potato Salad

with white beans, roasted red pepper, olives, capers, jalapeños, Greek feta, white balsamic vinaigrette